Arts exhibition “ Sira Nouw Situwam”of Prison Inmates

On behalf of the Prisoners Day on 12th September,collections of painting of prison Inmates Island wide were exhibited from 16th and 17th September, 2018 at the University of Visual & Performing Arts. Arts exhibition “ Sira Nouw Situwam” organized under the guidance of the Commissioner of Prisons (Rehabilitation),Mr.Chandana Ekanayake,plays an important role in the process rehabilitating inmates.

Nearly 500 canvas painting and paper painting have been drawn freely by inmates. Both first and second places in canvas painting were won by an inmate from Anuradhapura Prison, Third place was won an inmate from Dumbara Prison.

An inmate from Colombo Remand Prison won the first place in paper drawing second place and third place were won by inmates from Kuruvita Prison.

Award ceremony was held under the patronage of the Secretary to the Ministry of Justice and Prison Reforms, Ms.W.M.M.R.Adikari at the University premises on 17.08.2018 at 5.00 p.m. Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr. H.M.N.C.Dhanasinghe, Director of the Department of Cultural Affairs, Ms.Anusha Gokula, Senior Assistant Secretary to the Ministry of Justice and Prison Reforms, Mr. K.D.B.Jayasinghe and several prison officers and artists were among the participants.