Opening of Boossa Prison Hospital and Blood Donation Campaign


Boossa Prison Officers welcome their new year 2018 with Pirith Ceremony that invoke blessing to all Sri Lankans, officers from the Department of Prisons and inmates. Newly built prison hospital was also declared open at the auspicious time. For the first time, a blood donation campaign has been organized and hold on the instructions of Ven.Suriyaweva Gunananda Thero, the Chief Advisor of the Boossa Prisoners Welfare Association at the open stage on January 4, 2018. With the intention of healing helpless patients, officers from Navy, Army and Police and villages contributed this noble task. Under the guidance of the Assistant Superintendent of Boossa Prison, Mr.L.P.M.Karunarathna, ceremony has been successfully done. Staff of Karapitiya Teaching Hospital assisted in blood donation and about 76 donors contributed to this valuable task.