Pair of three day workshops on dynamic security for officers who work in the Department of Prisons

Pair of three day training sessions on dynamic security for officers were held on May 22-24 and June 1-3,2018 under UNODC resource contribution at the Center for Research and Training in Corrections.

For the 1st session, 60 prison officers from intelligence and security Unit participated and for second session 61 prison officers representing Colombo Remand Prisons also took part in the training.

These training sessions was held under the guidance of the Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr. Nishan Dhanasinghe and directions of the Commissioner of Prisons (Administration and Intelligence and Security unit), Mr. Thushara Upuldeniya, In addition, Superintendent of Prisons, Mr. U.B. Walisundara and Director Training and Superintendent of Prisons , Mr. Samantha Alahakoon supervised these trainings.

These trainings were conducted by foreign Correctional Advisors, Mr. Kavl Allstram and Mr. Andors Persson. Moreover, Sri Lankan representative of UNODC, Mr. Shanaka Jayasekara also joined the session. Trainings were interpreted by the Rehabilitation Officer, Mr. W.D.Gayan Lakshitha.