Training Workshop on Correctional Rehabilitation – Singapore

This workshop had mainly focused on correctional rehabilitation in prison system which was conducted by UNODC and Yellow Ribbon Conference in Singapore from 4th September 2018 to 8th September 2018. UNODC conducted the programme for 2 days where as  Yellow Ribbon Conference conducted the programme for 2 days. There were about 45 participants from 16 countries,  UNODC members from several countries  and Prison Rehabilitation Officers, Counselors, Correctional recourses from Singapore Prison Service.

Mr. Chandika Lokuhettige – Assistant Director, Ministry of Justice and Prison Reforms of Prison, Mr. Siridath Dammika – Assistant Superintendent of Prison and Mr. S.T.S. Yoshan – Chief Rehabilitation Officer represented Sri Lanka. According to them it has been a great opportunity for them to gain a vast knowledge and share the international experience.