A project of Assembling Electrical Accessories
at the Correctional Center for Young Offenders- Dalupotha

According to a concept of the Commissioner General of Prisons, signing of an agreement to implement a project of assembling electrical accessories by utilizing prison inmates was held with the collaboration of the Micro Electrical (PVT) Ltd at the Correctional Center for Young Offenders- Dalupotha on 27.01.2020 at 9.30 A.M. Here, Commissioner General of Prisons Mr. T.M.J.W. Thennakoon, Commissioner of Prisons (Industry) Mr. P.M.P. Liyanage, Superintendent of Prisons- Headquarters (Industry) Mr. M.F. Lahir, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons-Dalupotha Mr. W.M. Jeevaka Indrajith Fernando, and  Chief Jailor Mr. C.N. Fernando, Chief Secretary to the Colombo Business Society Mr. Chaminda Vidanage, DR. Jayasundara from CDC Educational & Human Capital Institute, Managing Director from the Micro Electrical (PVT) Ltd, Mr. P.G.S. Dhammika Samarawickrama and some other invited guests participated to the event.

Main objective of this project is to implement the project by way of putting vision and mission of Department of Prisons into action and to improve of talents and skills of inmates and thereby contributing to economic and development of the country.