Footwear making project at the Welikada Prison


According to an idea of the Commissioner-General of Prisons, the Lover Accessories (PVT) Ltd. Together with the Welikada Prison organized a project of making ladies footwear with using prison labour and began officially on 30.01.2020.

Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.T.M.J.W.Thennakoon, Senior Superintendent of Prisons–Welikada, Mr.T.I.Uduwara, Superintendent of Prisons- Industries, Mr.M.F.Lahir, Assistant Superintendent of Prisons- Industries, Mr.Wasantha Kumara Def and the Managing Director of the Lover Accessories (PVT) Ltd, Mr.P.G.Perera are chief guests to the event.

After socio reintegration of prisoners, it is the main objective of the project to make useful citizens to the country, give them certain mental satisfaction as well as to provide them with income source and thereby to get the contribution of prisoners’ labour to the economic development of the country.