“A special Poya Day Programe “ Noya Yutu Thena”

According to a concept of the Superintendent of Galle Prison, Mr.Jagath Weerasinghe, an awareness program named “ Noya Yutu Thena” was held to thousands of people on Full Moon Poya Day, the 12th January, 2017 at Pilana Raja Maha Vihar.

It is the first time when program “ Noya Yutu Thena” was shown outside the Prison Mr.Jagath Weerasinghe, and Mr.Jayantha Adasuriya were resource persons of the program. Prison Guard, Mr.D.G.G.L.Samapath was the computer technical assistant and assistants to the program were Mr.J.D.D.L.Harin de Gamage and Mr. A.L.K.Patiranawasam.