Celebration of Prisoners Welfare Day - Weerawila Prisons


It was the Prisoners Welfare Day fell on September 12,2017 when week of several religious, spiritual, educational, sports, health programs, family get together and Sramadana programs have been introduced by the commissioner General of Prisons carried out so as to temper lives of prisoners in better way. On the last day, a cultural programe was held to strengthen inherent talents and skills of inmate under the distinguish patronage of Weerawila Divisional Secretary, Mr. L.K.Priyawansha. Ceremony has been organized with general cooperation of the Assistand Superintendent of Weerawila Prisons, Mr. Gamini Dissanayake, Chief Jailor, Mr. Sarath Premalal, and the Chairman of Weerawila Prisoners welfare sub committee and several officers participated to the occasion. Finally, winners of the competitions were awarded with prizes.