Home Donation to a Poor Prisoner

Under the island wide program of home donation to a poor prisoner on centenary celebration of Sri Lanka Prisoners Welfare Association, a home which was built by the Bossa Prison Authority and Bossa Prisoners Welfare Association was donated under the patronage of the Commissioner General  of Prisons, Mr.Nishan Dhanasinghe.

A complete house worth 25 lakh with the contribution of labour from inmates and resource contribution from prison  officers was built within a month under the guidance of the Bossa Assistant Superintendent of Prisons.

His wife died in Tsunami Tragedy and his o6 months old infant daughter was rescued  by swimming    while dragging the kid’ cloth in mouth.

Commissioner General of Prisons expressed how lucky he was to take part in a good deed like this and also appreciated this virtuous action done by the Bossa Assistant Superintendent of Prisons and Bossa Prisoners Welfare Association together with the theme of Sri Lanka Prisons, custody, care and  correction. 

Suriyaveva Gunananda Thero of Bossa Sri Sudarmarama Vihar, Bibile Indrasara Thero from Galle Sri Sumangala Thilakarama Vihar, representatives from Bossa Prisoners Welfare Association, teacher of imates’ daughter and villages participated to the occasion.