Training Course for Promoted Jailor and Rehabilitation Officer Class 11 Passing out Parade and Ceremony of Awarding Certificates – June 14,2017

Induction Residential Training for officers at the Department of Prisons who were promoted to the Post of Jailor and Rehabilitation Officer Class 11, was conducted from May 15 to June 14, 2017 at the Centre for Research and Training in Correction (CRTC).

With the intention of giving own loyal service to the Department of Prisons, 15 Jailors and 04 Rehabilitation Officers Class 11 due to the passed out from the training school, were given 30 days theoretical lectures on duties of Jailors and Rehabilitation officers, Prison Ordinance and Constitutional Laws, Establishment Code, Financial Regulations, Office System, Computer Training, Prison Management and New Concepts, Keeping a Suitable Physical Fitness, Power and Authority, Leadership, Jailor Duty at Accounts Section, Productivity and Attitudes Improvement, Fundamental Law, Identification of Social Issues, Procedure of Correction and Rehabilitation, Procedure of Basic Investigation and Preliminary Inquiry, Preparation of Remittance, Showing Visitors, Fundamental Human Rights Concepts, Duty of Disciplinary Section, Children and Women’s Rights, Public Relations, Duty of Receiving Jailor, Introducing Drugs, Function of Rehabilitation Division, Taking Prohibited Items into Custody and afterward procedure, Prison Information Management, Mental Development, Jailor duty of Industry Party etc. and Leadership activities and 05 days practical firearms training and shooting training at the Police Training School.

The Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr. Nishan Danasinghe was chief guest of the ceremony and the Commissioner of Prisons (Industry and Skill Development),Mr. Emil Ranjan Lamahewage and the Assistant Superintendent of Prisons, Mr. B.M.A.U.K.Basnayake were among guest. Training was held under the supervision of the Assistant Superintendent of Prisons/ Director Training, Mr. M.F.Lahir and directed by the Chief Jailor of CRTC, Mr. L.P.Warnakulasuriya.