All Night Pirith Chanting and Opening of a detachable Sheltering

A huge all Night Pirith Chanting and Morning Meal Dhana organized by the Buddhist Association of Prison Officers- Mahara were ceremonially held on January 21 and 22, 2017 at Dharmaloka Prison Vihara – Mahara to evoke blessing to His Excellency President, Hon. Prime Minister, Commissioner General of Prisons, his staff as well as their families and enrich earth and fields of those who suffer from the drought by raining on time.

A sheltering build in extent of 40x20ft from the Fund of the Prison Officers Joint Association and on the instructions of the Superintendent of Mahara Prison, Mr.T.I Uduwara was also declared open in parallel with this ceremony that was held with the participation of several distinguished guests including the Commissioner General of Prisons,Mr.Nishan Dhanasinghe. It is expected to raise the fund of the joint Association through renting the sheltering to prison officers, public and private institutes.