Our Staff

Commissioner General of Prison

Mr. H.M.T.N Upuldeniya

Contact Info

Tel: 011-2691976 / 011-2673978
Extension- 100
Fax: 011-2695206
E-mail: prisons[at]sltnet.lk

Administration Division

Commissioner of Prisons (Administration/Rehabilitation and Skill Development) (Covering Up Duties)

Mr. E.M.J.C.L.B Ekanayaka

Contact Info

Tel.: 011-4677151
Extension: 151
Fax: 011-2696566

Administrative Officer I

Mr. C.S. Amarawickrama

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677110 / 011-4677711
Extension: 711

Administrative Officer II (Covering Up Duties)

Ms. H.A.D.P.W Hettiarachchi

Contact Info

Supply and Services Division

Commissioner of Prisons (Supply and Services) (Covering Up Duties)

Mr. K.A.S. Kodithuwakku

Contact Info

Operation Division

Commissioner of Prisons (Operation/ Intelligence) (Covering Up Duties)

Mr. T. I. Uduwara

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677104
Extension: 104 / 515

Industries Division

Commissioner of Prisons (Industries and Development ) (Covering Up Duties)

Mr. G.M.P. Liyanage

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677122
Extension: 122
Fax: 0112683668

Rehabilitation and skill Development Division

Commissioner of Prisons (Administration/ Rehabilitation and Skill Development) (Covering up duties)

Mr. E.M.J.C.L.B. Ekanayake

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677151
Extension: 151
Fax: 011-2696566

Assistant Superintendent of Prisons (Rehabilitation) (Covering up duties)

Mr. A.M.J.S. Adaasuriya

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677836
Extension: 346
Fax: 0112694671

Officer Welfare Division

Superintendent of Prisons (Headquarters)

Mr. R.M.S. Bandara

Contact Info

Planning and Information & Communication Technology Division

Deputy Director (Planning)

Miss. K. Mahathanthila

Contact Info

Tel: 0112-691996
Extension: 195

Assistant Director (Information and Communication Technology)

Mr. M.M.L.L.L. Gunarathna

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677107
Extension: 107

Information and Communication Technology Officer

Mr. P.V.D.L.S.J. Saparamadu

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677193
Extension: 193

Finance Division

Commissioner of Prisons (Finance)

Mr. M.B.M.P.W.U.A. Rajasingha

Contact Info

Tel: 011-2696539
Extension: 189

Deputy Commissioner (Finance)

Mr. M.G.M. Munas

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677118 / 0112674947
Extension: 811

Assistant Commissioner (Finance)

Mrs. P.D.C.C. Ilangarathna

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677117
Extension: 187
Fax: 0112691904

Assistant Superintendent of Prison (Covering up duties)

Mr. W.W.L.P. Warnakulasuriya

Contact Info

Tel: 0114677199
Extension: 199

Engineering Division

Director (Engineering)

Mr. H.M.G.I.D. Bandara

Contact Info

Tel: 011-2699508
Extension: 179
Fax: 011-2699508

Engineer (Civil)

Mr. K.P. Prasard Indika

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677126
Extension: 126

Engineer (Civil)

Mr. J.M.S.U.B. Jayasekara

Contact Info

Tel: 0114677852
Extension: 352

Deputy Director (Prisons Medical Services)

Dr. R.A.N.H Ranasingha

Contact Info

Government Audit Division

Superintendent of Government Audit

Mr. W.D.C. Ranjith

Contact Info

Tel: 011-4677142
Extension: 142

Internal Audit Division

Commissioner (Internal Audit)

Mr. D.M.B Karunarathna

Contact Info

Statistical Division

Statistical Officer

Mr. H.W. Athula Kumara

Contact Info

Tel: 011-2693323/0114-677132
Extension: 132 / 150
Fax: 011-4677132