Respect of the Department to the 21st Commissioner General of Prisons

With the Cabinet Approval of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Mr.H.M.T.N.Upuldeniya was permanently appointed to the Commissioner General of Prisons on 20.02.2021. He is the 21st Commissioner General of Prisons at the Department of Prisons established in 1905.   Mr.Upuldeniya was a past pupil of the Royal [......]

2021-03-22T13:08:43+05:30March 1, 2021|

Acting Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.Thushara Upuldeniya was appointed to that position permanently.

The Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.Thushara Upuldeniya was appointed by a Cabinet Approval of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka as the 21st head of the Department of Prisons. Today, Minister of Justice and Law Reforms, Attorney to the President, Mr.Ali Sabri handed over the appointment letter to Mr.Thushara [......]

2021-03-22T12:40:52+05:30February 19, 2021|

A web application introduced to visit prisoners through video technology

A web application for visiting prisoners through video technology and E-visit System provided facilities for visiting prisoners by reserving a time, that has been started as a pilot project at Angunakolapelessa Prison, are due to be started all prison island-wide. Training Program on Information Technology System that was introduced [......]

2021-03-22T12:14:53+05:30February 19, 2021|

43rd Sergeant Training Course commenced…

Preliminary Training Course for departmental 43rd sergeant group promoted on seniority and merit base, was started on 15.02.2021 at Angunakolapelessa Prison and led by the subdivision of the Research and Training Center that was built recently at the Angunakolapelessa Prison. 117 officers were qualified for the training and they [......]

2021-03-15T18:03:41+05:30February 16, 2021|

New Training Center for Angunalokapelessa Prison…

A new subdivision of the Center for Research and Training in Correction that organizes and carries out all training of the department was declared open on 15.02.2021 at Angunalokapelessa Prison.   In parallel with the 43rd training course of the promoted Sergeants, the Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.Thushara Upuldeniya [......]

2021-03-15T17:32:43+05:30February 16, 2021|

AstraZeneca Vaccine for Prisons Officers

Under the COVID-19 Immunization Program, the government has decided to vaccinate AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 Vaccine to prison officers indulged in risk duties. At the first round, it has been scheduled on 16/17/18/02-21 to vaccinate prison officers work in Western Province. As today is the starting day, vaccinating officers has been taken place, [......]

2021-03-15T12:40:56+05:30February 16, 2021|

Instructions to promoted Assistant Superintendent of Prisons.

14 Assistant Superintendent of Prisons-(Cover Up) were appointed and a special program for giving instructions to newly appointees to perform duties as well as improving their knowledge, was held 13.02.2021 at the auditorium of the prison headquarters under the patronage of the Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.Thushara Upuldeniya, the Additional [......]

2021-03-06T16:11:42+05:30February 14, 2021|

Opening of Volley Ball Play Ground with Night Lighting at Kuruvita Prison

At the request of the Superintendent of Kuruvita Prisons, Mr.D.R.D.Disanayaka, a volleyball play ground with night lighting which was constructed with daring efforts of Prison Guards , Mr. W.G.Rathnasekara and Mr. Waruna Gunasekara and by the allocation of five hundred thousand Rupees allotted by The Governor of Sabaragamuwa Province, Mr.Tikiri [......]

2021-02-09T11:30:56+05:30February 9, 2021|

Handing Over of Service Minute to the State Minister

A number of regional countries already made reforms in the prison administration field, and established a correctional service and thereby took steps to professionalize prison service. Therefore, recruitment, training, promotion etc. of prison officers will be performed to a formal methodology. In accordance with the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules [......]

2021-02-03T14:26:33+05:30February 3, 2021|
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