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Opening of Volley Ball Play Ground with Night Lighting at Kuruvita Prison

At the request of the Superintendent of Kuruvita Prisons, Mr.D.R.D.Disanayaka, a volleyball play ground with night lighting which was constructed with daring efforts of Prison Guards , Mr. W.G.Rathnasekara and Mr. Waruna Gunasekara and by the allocation of five hundred thousand Rupees allotted by The Governor of Sabaragamuwa Province, Mr.Tikiri [......]

2021-02-09T11:30:56+05:30February 9, 2021|

Handing Over of Service Minute to the State Minister

A number of regional countries already made reforms in the prison administration field, and established a correctional service and thereby took steps to professionalize prison service. Therefore, recruitment, training, promotion etc. of prison officers will be performed to a formal methodology. In accordance with the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules [......]

2021-02-03T14:26:33+05:30February 3, 2021|

Opening of the Yala Lagoon Holiday Resort

Yala Lagoon Holiday Resort of the New Jaffna Prison was opened on 09.01.2021 by the Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.Thushara Upuldeniya. Holiday Resort was built on a concept of the Assistant Superintendent of Jaffna Prison, Mr. Mohan Karunarathna. Ceremony that has been proudly and elegantly organized, was significant because of [......]

2021-02-03T14:09:26+05:30February 3, 2021|
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