In order to avoid any inconvenience happen to the inmates and their families and to ensure the security of the prisons, a web application has been introduced to facilitate the visitors to visit the prison by reserving a time of their convenience. It was expected to reduce the overcrowding of visitors come to the prisons and save their time by allowing them to book a visiting time convenient for them, and reduce the inconvenience of staying in the prison premises. Visitors can log in to the web application and enter information about themselves and the inmate, the date and time of the visit, and then come to the prison at that time without delay. Furthermore, due to the current epidemic of COVID-19, visitors have been prevented from entering the prison. But, the arrangements have been made to provide the above facilities to visitors once the epidemic has subsided.

As a part of this system, visitors are provided with video visiting facilities through video call technology. Same as above visitors can enter their and inmates’ details into the system and reserve a time and a date to visit the inmate through a video call. This service enables inmates to visit their families at such times that the physical visitations are not possible. And also it ensures the safety of both the visitors and the prisoners.

The web application was developed by the Planning and Information and Communication Technology Division of the Department of Prisons on a concept of the Commissioner General of Prisons Mr. Thushara Upuldeniya and to facilitate this, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) provided the financial assistance for the essential computer equipment and the building materials required for the construction of special video rooms. The web application was launched as a pilot project on 15-12-2020 at Angunukolapelessa Prison by Hon. State Minister of Prison Management and Prisoners Rehabilitation, Mr. Lohan Ratwatte. The members of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Commissioner General of Prisons Mr. Thushara Upuldeniya and the commissioners of prisons also participated in the event.