A new subdivision of the Center for Research and Training in Correction that organizes and carries out all training of the department was declared open on 15.02.2021 at Angunalokapelessa Prison.


In parallel with the 43rd training course of the promoted Sergeants, the Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.Thushara Upuldeniya declared to open the training school on 15.02.2021. The Additional Commissioner General of Prisons, Mr.T.Uduwara, the Superintendent of Prisons(Training), Mr.M.F.Lahir, the Superintendent of Angunakolapelessa Prisons, Mr.S.K.Palletenna, the Assistant Superintendent of Prisons, Mr. Ajith Palliyage and the Chief Jailor of the Training School, Mr.H.D.K.N.Premawasa, also participated to the ceremony.


Training School consists of a complete office building, hostel with all facilities for staff and trainee officers, and cafeteria. Also, the prison ground and lecture hall are used for training