Due to the Covid-19 pandemic prevailed for more than a year, officers from all prisons worked hard and engaged in many risky works such as escorting infected inmates and being in charge of them.

Because of their dedication to work during the pandemic, the risk of Covid-19 was under control in prisons to a greater extent. Five cricket matches played on five days at five prisons with the aim of coping with stress, achieving mental satisfaction through reducing stress, and then getting rid of monotony and duty mentality and improving cooperation and sport skills of officers. Series of matches that played with the approval of the Commissioner-General of Prisons, have been organized and played successfully and several commissioners of prisons also played as well as visited these matches.

Here are prisons played matches and medal-winning teams.

1. Colombo Remand Prison (C.R.P Kings Team)
2. Welikada Prison (Welikada Eagles Team)
3. Sri Lanka Prison Emergency Action Tactic Force (Rathnapura Taskers Team )
4. Prison Headquarters (Prisoners Rehabilitation Unit Team)
5. Magazine Prison (Nattandiya Wikings Team)