The third phase in the drug prevention pilot project was initiated by the Dangerous Drugs Control Board together with the Department of Prisons on 15.03.2021 at the Magazine Prison to minimize drugs in prisons. The first phase of this two days training program was held at Welikada Prison.

The main purpose is the introduction of a concept called “Drug-Free Prisons” through training peer leaders and making an inmate group that fights against different ways of smuggling drugs into prisons after imprisonment.

Training inmates as peer leaders and identifying their skills & capabilities to use those capabilities in preventing drugs and carrying out a training program with helpful lectures on the enjoyment of life, understanding life, and personality development were made on these two days.

The Commissioner of Prisons (Administration and Rehabilitation), Mr.Chandana Ekanayaka, the Superintendent of Magazine Prison, Mr.U.B.Walisundara, the Assistant Superintendent Prisons (Rehabilitation), Mr.Jayantha Adasuriya, the Assistant Superintendent of Magazine Prison, Mr. H.M.S.M.Upuldeniya, the Manager from the Dangerous Drugs Control Board, Mr.Sanath Dinasekara, the Educational Officer, Ms.Dulshani Taraka Mahanama, and rehabilitation officers participated to the inauguration ceremony.